“The most valuable road building product ever developed - for your budget and your environment.” SOIL FUSION™ is a liquid co-polymer solution that is installed using non-specialized equipment. It strengthens the road using native aggregates, eliminating dust and water erosion.

How it Works!

The SOIL FUSION™ liquid encapsulates the aggregates in the roadway. When compacted, and with evaporation, it bonds the aggregates to form a rockhard road surface or Sub Base.

The unpaved Global Road Network is massive - 150,000,000 kilometers in 2015.

With GHW Myriad's background in Global Engineering and Road Paving, it quickly became a goal of the company to take this worldwide inefficiency head-on. The result is SOIL FUSION.

SOIL FUSION is borne from Made in the USA Monomers and blended for the ideal paving product. The ease of application, the benefits to the environment and the cost-effectiveness of the products are unmatched and they continue to impress all across the globe.
Unpaved Roads create the main barrier for entry into the World's Farming Markets. To further create trouble for the world's farmers, these unpaved roads create dust that ruins crops while creating bad breathing air, and in rainy seasons wash away, creating potholes that destroy both farm equipment and vehicles used to transport the harvest to market.

SOIL FUSION eliminates these issues. There is no dust on a SOIL FUSION road, and there is no washout either. Treated roads are inexpensive, easy to install, and they are water resistant. The air is clean and the water runoff is clear, benefiting the farmer’s family and the crops alike.

Poisonous and Caustic areas treated and tested for water runoff resulted in zero negative-effect on fragile aquatic animals. SOIL FUSION is good for your environment.

Extending Rural Roads is at the forefront of GHW Myriad's list of goals to make the world a better place. And, SOIL FUSION is the vehicle we are using to get to the finish line.

Among paved roads in the United States, 94% are paved using asphalt. This is an expensive material, using high-toxic ingredients and processes to install and re-build. But its needs are clear and it will be used for years to come.

To combat the deterioration of these road networks, SOIL FUSION is applied to the Sub Base Layer. Water Erosion from the sides of the roads that result in a narrowing over time is virtually eliminated. The result is a longer-lasting asphalt road that does not need to be re-built nearly as often. Again, the environment benefits, even on toxic roads like asphalt.

The result is likely to be an extended asphalt road network, but one that reaches areas previously dealing with terrible weathering issues on their roadways.

Citizens, road-building contractors, governments, and the world benefit from SOIL FUSION. GHW Myriad is pleased to bring this exceptional product to you.

We look forward to being of assistance!


The products are extremely versatile. Dilution ratios and pre-determined product volume usage is discussed prior to implementation.

Uses Include:

• Mining
• Road Building
• Dust & Erosion Control
• And More...

• Agriculture
• Military
• Airfield Construction

It is important to note that for all construction or remediation uses, typical construction processes are observed. The only difference is adding SOIL FUSION™ to the water.

Application Process

Dust Abatement and Capping: Wet area with mixture of SOIL FUSION and water. Dust will be completely mitigated and clean water will run off during rain. Dilution ratios will vary - see your SOIL FUSION representative for proper application rates.

Rural/Secondary Roads and Sub Base Stabilization

1. Once scarified to predetermined depth, wet the area with mixture of SOIL FUSION and water.
2. Grade area for proper pitch according to road specifications.
3. Compact.
4. Once dry, spray the surface of the road for water and dust resistant wear surface.

Equipment Needed

Topical Treatment


Depth Treatment
w/ Topical

1. Motor Grader
2. Compactor
3. Water Truck
1. Tilling System
2. Water Truck
3. Motor Grader
4. Compactor

Motor Grader

For grading to proper pitch for water runoff

Tilling System

Reclaimer with spray system or heavy duty tiller

Water Truck

Or other pressurized spray system


For compaction once OMC is achieved

Cost Effective

The cost of continually rebuilding and repairing roads adversely affected by very dry or very wet weather is more than the initial cost of road construction. SOIL FUSION increases the life of your road and your bottom line. Budgets are stretched using our products, leading to greater road networks at the same or less cost.

Asphalt is dramatically more expensive than SOIL FUSION roads, and the repair budgets are wearing thin globally. SOIL FUSION can assist in the increased longevity of asphalt roads as well, when used as a Sub Base.

With no erosion from water on the sides of the road and a supremely stable Sub Base Layer below traffic, potholes are a thing of the past, and the narrowing of roads from edge deterioration is non-existent.

Green Environmentally Friendly

SOIL FUSION products are manufactured using Virgin Raw Materials that are environmentally friendly. In fact, treated areas with caustic components are locked up, thus keeping them from entering the atmosphere via the air, or from entering the water system from runoff.

SOIL FUSION'S Promise To You

Through our heavily-audited manufacturing and blending processes, we are 100% confident that the product you receive is the one you ordered and one that we have manufactured the exact same way since Day 1. Our quality control systems are outstanding and GHW/SOIL FUSION will never stop going the extra mile to ensure that all products are friendly to our environment as it ships, as it’s installed, and used.

Our Vision

With years of engineering and road building experience, GHW Myriad International Consulting Group began operating in 2015 in the USA, introducing SOIL FUSION™ to the masses.

Globally, there is an inherent need for a long-lasting road building product that is easy to use and install, is not harmful to the environment, and is budget-friendly.

We have succeeded on all of these fronts and bring this revolutionary product to you at a cost for any budget.

In response to a growing global need, SOIL FUSION™ strives to solve many of today’s infrastructure and environmental problems. To offer all communities and governments our sustainable road building products.

We strive to achieve efficiency in state’s budgets through use of SOIL FUSION™, to add local value to local economies, and to the people who depend on local markets for their livelihood.

To do this with no harm to the environment and using local tools and people, providing opportunity and growth for all parties involved.


GHW Myriad can utilize international trust law and finance sovereign guarantees through their partners in order to finance projects on a multi-national level.

  •         Roads

  •         Hospitals

  •         New City Development

  •         Housing

  •         Toll Road Infrastructure Technology

  •         Schools

  •         Any Other Humanitarian Development

Our goal at GHW Myriad is to provide a means to create jobs and development for less fortunate and poverty-stricken areas and people of the world in order to offer better lifestyles and employment.

We are a humanitarian organization and will take on most any project that leads to the betterment of all societies with a need.

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We look forward to assisting you in making the world a better place with equal means to all humankind.

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